NJ Turnpike Patron without Funds ticket

This is one of the most common letters that NJ Turnpike Authority sends to its Users (you) when you don’t Pay a toll. This notice can be mailed to your home or be given out to you by the toll cashier when you explain you don’t have any cash with you, Patron without funds.

What is it?

The Patron without funds notices means that you, the client or user did not have any money / cash / electronic ez pass funds to pay for a certain toll. This notice doesn’t come with any stamp of NJ Turnpike Authority nor EZ pass, it’s just a third party notice. The address is a P.O BOX in Florida, which doesn’t seem trustful since you passed by a toll in NJ, but since this is a third party collection service, their address is in FL and is completely legit. You might also want to call the phone number and ask yourself.

Here is what the notice looks like.

image of tol road patron notice

The undersigned acknowledges obligations for payment of the TOLL due the New Jersey Turnpike Authority and is aware of the provision of NJ Law R.S.27:23-25 and N.J.A.C.19:9 concerning nonpayment of tolls. Payment is required within 5 business DAYS.

Notice for Patron without Funds.

Why did this happen?

You might have ran out of money so you had to pass a toll without paying, or you payed but the money didn’t go in the basket correctly or someone cloned your license plate. This last option is very rare.

Is this a fine? No it’s not a fine, just a toll charge with an administrative charge, that can be up to 50 dollars, ouch!

How to Pay?

Do not mail cash! Check, money order or cashier’s check are accepted.
E-ZPass Account Holders: You may call E-ZPass Customer Service at 888-288-6865 (888-AUTO-TOLL).
Non E-ZPass Account Holders: You may call NJTA Customer Service at 732-750-5300, Extension 8750.

You can Pay with Pennies or overpay but you won’t get the remaining change back.

Fun Fact

What if You don’t pay?

If the notice remains unpaid then the state may suspend the cars registration.

You need to have spare changed when using toll plazas if you are not an ez pass account holder.
Next time if you wish to know how much cash you need for tolls use our app to make your calculations.