Missed a toll in New Jersey Turnpike, How to pay online?

The first instance you get into the NJ Turnpike you automatically become a client, this means your paying! These tolls are controlled by one of the following: The Port Authority of New York and New jersey, the South Jersey Transportation Authority or the New Jersey Turnpike Authority.

What to do if Missed Toll or got in the Wrong Lane?

1-Identify what kind of user you are
Option1: Temporary User
Option2: Ez pass account holder, EZ-Pass Way

Temporary User

If option 1, that mean that you do not have an E-Zpass account, you need to mail in your payment with any other method besides cash, they don’t accept bills. You can use Money order, checks or cashier’s check, but no cash, and include other copies of toll notice or violation notices. This is really important to understand because we have gotten too many emails about people that send cash alone and then getting returned that same mail or worst, never getting it because the person who is processing this doesnt have a clue what to do with it. So its a must to include the evidence, you must provide it for it to be valid.

ATTN: Finance
N.J. Turnpike Authority
PO Box 5042
Woodbridge NJ 07095
United States

or pay by phone by calling NJTA Customer service at 732-750-5300, Extension 8750. 

A more easier way would be using the official app from Gob PayIt which makes it very easy to pay all toll fines, there is one catch, you only got 5 days for this to work, otherwise you must use the first option.


If option 2: Then you are an E-ZPass user and account holder. You can pay online at official website here or call E-ZPASS Customer Service at 888-288-6865 (888-AUTO-TOLL).

MUST KNOW: If the payment is done after 48 hours of being registered by the toll’s sensor technology you get a traffic citation for a toll violation.

The Benefits of having an E-Zpass account is that you get access to an online platform where you can pay or dispute the violations. They only ask for the toll violation number and the vehicle information regarding the toll violation.

For any other person that has a car with a temporary license plate online users have reported that technology doesnt exist to actually generate the ticket so they ask you to voluntarely contact them instead.

If you pay by call have your information ready, you will be asked details quickly.

August 23, 2020