How much are tolls from NY New York to GA Georgia for Car, Truck or RV

These are the latest fees that you have to pay either by cash or by electronic toll system like ez-pass if you have one. Do not trust on pay by plate because they are not always available and a missed toll can cost you $ 1.50 and end up as an $ 1.50 + $30 Administrative fee ticket fine. It’s always best to use cash, it gives you the liberty and freedom you want. Here is the letter you get mailed when you miss a toll road.

Here is an example of how a 1 dollar toll can become a 31 dollar violation fine.
And if you drive an RV or Truck the fine only goes higher.

Ok, So how much cash do you have to bring with you? We got you covered. We’ll calculate toll costs from New York to Georgia.

Car$ 26.30 Using I-95$ 27.75 Using Route 50Road Condition: GOOD
RV$ 52.60 Using I-95$ 55.10 Using Route 50Road Condition: GOOD
Truck 3Axle$80.00 Using I-95$ 75.00 Using Route 50Road Condition: GOOD

Road toll fees from New york to Georgia

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