How many Tolls from Florida to New Jersey?

A 2 night drive from Miami Florida to Trenton New Jersey will set you back a few bucks only in tolls. You Can pay cash so make sure you have the money with you. The first route will take in consideration using Florida’s Turnpike and then Baltimore Harbor toll, JFK Plaza, I-95 Toll Road and finally the NJ Turnpike tolls. Not all of these tolls accept cash so make sure you read careful of how they work. For example some toll roads only work with ‘pay by plate’ which means you will get billed later to whatever address you have in your license plate, others use transponders which are payed by subscriptions and if you use these lanes without being an active paying user then you get fines billed at you. So it’s pretty important to know how to make this drive as error-less as possible.

Florida Turnpike manages the majority of the state’s toll roadways. There are around 483 miles of toll roads, with several motorways and interstates also having toll roads. Why would you utilize a toll road?
Because you’ll be able to get there sooner. So here is the list, make you have exact cash.

List of tolls from Florida to New Jersey

DestinationNew Jersey
Car, Pickup or 2-Axle47.16 USD
Truck 2-Axle81.30 USD
PaymentPay by Cash or Pay by plate, Transponder
Summary of toll road costs from FL to NJ
Florida’s Turnpike 1$ 1.34 USD
Florida’s Turnpike 2$ 1.07 USD
Florida’s Turnpike 3$ 16.50 USD
Baltimore Harbol Tunnel$ 6.00 USD
JFK Plaza$ 12.00 USD
I-95$ 4.00 USD
NJ Turnpike$ 6.25 USD
Tolls in order from FL to NJ