How many tolls from DC to New York?

Are you thinking of traveling from District of Columbia to New York? We’ve made this trip before, here are the cost associated with this trip. By the way this trip is 3 hours 50 minutes and 226 miles using i-95 N turnpike. This highways is rated 8/10 by our community for maintenance and 6/10 for traffic jams on peak hours.

OriginDistrict of Columbia DC
DestinationNew York
Number of Tolls7
Toll Cost for Car$ 56.85
Fuel Cost for Car (25 MPG)$ 22.49

Some of the tolls you are going to be charged are New Jersey Turnpike, Delaware i-95, Holland Tunnel, Maryland Tunnel and Bridges, Baltimore’s Harbor Thruway, Delaware Memorial Bridge and New Jersey Turnpike Toll.

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