How many tolls from Baltimore to New York?

So are you ready for this 3 hours trip from Baltimore yo New York and also wondering how many tolls you’ve gotta pay? Wonder no more, we’ve got you covered. Here is all information we know.

The fastest way to New York from Baltimore is using Highways NJ Turnpike and I-95 N, you will make it in 3 hours and 4 minutes. Both highways are rated 8/10 for their good conditions, but also a 4/10 on peak hours for their traffic jams. You should consider doing this in the morning when the traffic is not that much.

How do you pay tolls on NJ Turnpike?

You’ve got a couple of ways, the most easiest is to have an electronic EZ-PASS. If you cannot pay with EZ-PASS then you have to mail in your information of the tolls you missed to this address.

Any Missed toll notices can include a receipt given for “Patron without funds”. Do not mail cash! Check, money order or cashier’s check are accepted. – From New Jersey Website.

E-ZPass Account Holders: You may call E-ZPass Customer Service at 888-288-6865 (888-AUTO-TOLL).

Non E-ZPass Account Holders: You may call NJTA Customer Service at 732-750-5300, Extension 8750.

NJ Turnpike & i-95Toll Calculator

DestinationNew York City
Number of Tolls6
Toll Costs for Car$ 52.85
Fuel Costs for Car (25 MPG)$ 22.46

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